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Reply To Examination Report

The Registrar of Trade Marks will examine application and issue an examination report within 15 to 30 working days. The application may be “Objected” under Section 9 of The Trade marks Act 1999, if the proposed trade mark:

Is descriptive in nature or in other words describes features of the goods or services for which it is applied

Do not have distinctive character

Is a generic word or term used within the trade

If the Registrar finds a trade mark that is similar to existing trademarks on record, Registrar may raise objected under Section 11 of Trade Marks Act 1999 i.e., relative ground of refusal. However, the examination report will eb served upon your appointed Attorney or to you and asked for making reply within 30 days of receipt of trademark. If the Registrar does not receive a response within the stipulated time, it will assume that you have Abandoned the application and pass order accordingly. This is the reason why it is very much important to make Reply to Examination repot on time and to address the objections raised properly for avoiding application getting Abandoned and successful acceptance of application.