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Filing Of Trademark

TMguru LLP is a full service IPR Firm, which provides a wide range of professional intellectual property rights related services to local as well as foreign clients. TMguru LLP is traditionally specialized in Patent and Trademark Prosecution and Litigation. We help our clients capture the value of their intellectual property through patent, trademark, copyright and trade protection. Over a decade of service, our firm successfully achieved excellence, adhering to highest professional and ethical standards. This is our strength and source of inspiration.

TMguru LLP focused on providing you with specialist trade mark legal advice and unrivalled expertise.

At the command is Neeraj Sharma Designated Partner of TMguru LLP. He started TMguru LLP in 2011 to give Entrepreneurs and Industrialist a high level of professional services in trade mark protection. TMguru LLP works in India and overseas to help clients select, apply, register and protect their trade marks. We deal with trademark portfolios of all sizes in a simplest, efficient and effective way to the clients.

Our success lies in our ability to develop an effective, well-researched and meticulously planned strategy. Our team of experienced trademark attorneys have a diverse background, experience and expertise and provide comprehensive trademark, copyright, and branding services, including trademark, copyright search and registration services. Trademark, Patent and Copyright monitoring and protection services.

Our Vision

To become the most “Trusted” brand in professional services industry

Our Mission

Creating the much needed access for all sectors of business and industries to avail high-quality services at reasonable cost and with the highest level of transparency in trade